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How often is data exported?

Data is automatically exported every 24 hours. Your schedule will run every day around your original time of install. For the first time, you may have to wait for 30mn.

Is it a full export like the weekly export?

Yes*. We export all Salesforce Standard and Custom objects that are defined as “creatable objects” in the metadata API. We are extracting the first 50k records per object. Every export is providing a full report of what objects have been backuped.

How long is the data retained for?

Your exported data is retained for a duration of 30 Days. It is 25 more days than a standard weekly export.

Where is my data stored?

DailyExport.io uses an Amazon datacenter in the USA. All your data are encrypted before being stored.

Is it really free? What is the catch?

Yes, we are offering this application for free. This service will enable companies with small usage to backup their data for 30 days for free (forever). If your organization has more than 50k records per object, we advise you to go check our mother company Appexchange Package.

How long does it take? When will my schedule run?

It depends on your data model complexity but it should take around 15 minutes to run. Your schedule will run every day around your original time of install.

How is my data protected?

Your data is protected on an Odaseva secured Datacenter hosted by Amazon US. We are using the same service and infrastructure that we have built for our enterprise customers. You are sharing the same infrastructure as our largest customer like Schneider Electric or Robert Half International.

How can I download and use the exports?

Use the "Download Archive" button to access your files.

Is Metadata included in DailyExport?

Yes, in addition to object-related metadata for your backed up objects, DailyExport includes Apex classes and Visualforce components.

My job status is set as ‘Queued for retry (Limit API). What does that mean?

We have safety thresholds in place if your environment's api call reserve is under 50% of your daily allowance (as shown, on your environment, by navigating to Setup > Company Information).

In this case, your job will be retried in a few hours, when you have regained some API call credit.

Are files included in DailyExport?

Backing up every day all your files in their binary forms (jpg, ppt, pdf...) would make little sense and would consume a lot of your API calls. For now, DailyExport will only allow you to extract the data (csv) linked to those files.

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