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When backing up your data once a week is not enough.
Export your Salesforce data daily, for free!

Simple & Automatic

Your life doesn’t need one more thing to remember. Set up DailyExport once and it runs in the background, continually protecting your org.

Protect Your Data

Your business runs on data. Have a backup to recover from data loss or corruption.

Security by Design

Your data is nobody else's business. Exports are automatically encrypted.

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Discover DailyExport.io

DailyExport.io is a free product on the AppExchange that will help protect your data. Data is automatically exported every 24 hours and retained 30 days. Check out this short video to learn more!

As stated in our State of Salesforce annual report, Data is the Measure of Customer trust and only proper data governance can unlock innovation. Since data protection is at the heart of data governance, we welcome dailyexport.io, which is a great improvement on native daily export. It will bring awareness that Salesforce customers are responsible for their data and should have a backup-recovery solution in place

Josselain Prost, Salesforce Practice Director - Bluewolf Switzerland

With Salesforce retiring their recovery service shortly, it is great to see Odaseva – industry leaders in this space – come to the rescue with a fantastic free daily backup offering that will support those organizations needing something more than Salesforce's weekly export. Considering data backup and restore should be an important part of every Salesforce implementation,

Paul Fayle, Principal Salesforce Architect, Deloitte Digital Australia and CTA


Is it a full export like the weekly export?

Yes*. We export all Salesforce Standard and Custom objects that are defined as “creatable objects” in the metadata API.

How often is data exported?

Data is automatically exported every 24 hours.


How long is the data retained for?

Your exported data is retained for a duration of

30 Days.

Where is my data stored?

DailyExport.io uses a datacenter in the USA.


How much does it really cost?

Did we mention it's free? Dollars, Euros, Bitcoins, we want none of it!

Which Browsers are supported?

DailyExport.io is supported by the latest versions of Google Chrome Desktop 81,  Firefox Standard Release Desktop 75.0 & Safari on macOS (Laptops and Desktops) 13.1


How long does it take? When will my schedule run?

It depends on your data model complexity but it should take around 15 minutes to run. Your schedule will run every day around your original time of install.

How is my data protected?

Your data is protected on an Odaseva secured  Datacenter.

How can I download and use the exports?

Use the "Download Archive" button to access your files. You'll need to unzip it, we recommend using tools such as WinZip, 7zip, or Keka.

Is Metadata included in DailyExport?

Yes, in addition to object-related metadata for your backed up objects, DailyExport includes Apex classes and Visualforce components.

Contact us

If you would like to contact us: email us at team@dailyexport.io

*DailyExport.io automatically exports all data within the limit of 50k records per Salesforce object.

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